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Hi, I'm Charli

My name is Charlene; or Charli for short - I'm a Dutch-based UX / Product Designer. With a BSc Engineering (majored in industrial product design), I have a solid foundation in the UX field.

Previously, I worked as a product manager, where I was responsible for the development of multiple complex B2B cloud-based configurators (SaaS). I managed the design sprint team and conceptualised product features based on user research, user needs, company needs and goals, and individual stakeholders' goals. I’ve gained vital experience in communicating with stakeholders while maintaining my position as a user advocate.

During my time as a freelancer, I offered my skills and experiences through UX consultations and audits to small companies and organisation. This was a great way to evangelise the value of UX to smaller organisations as well. Through, I’m still advocating for a larger focus on UX design within companies, by showing the value UX can bring but also by explaining UX in understandable language.

I’m a critical thinker, a good listener and I am highly emphatic. I get excited about UX design that encourages healthy behavior in digital environments. Sustainability, ethical design, and new immersive tech are my biggest interests. As a lifelong learner, I’m always seeking the next thing to learn and to read about.

Currently I am a Digital Designer at The Talent Institute. During this two-year Digital Designer program for young professionals I work within corporate innovation teams to make sure they are able to execute and accelerate. I'm trained and coached in a wide range of digital design skills, creative leadership, personal development, and future technologies. My focus is on UX research and the design of digital products and services.

Right now I'm available to take on temporary UX design related roles as part of the Digital Designer program. Interested in working together with me or other digital talents of The Talent Institute? Let's make it happen now!

My current activities

I'm reading this book: Designing Hope by Jeremy D. Hope

I'm following this course: How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality (Interaction Design Foundation)